I have known Greg and Jose for years now but my first time working with Jose on our Loan. Jose went ABOVE and BEYOND for our family over the last couple of years with a difficult loan situation. He helped us clean up our credit and gave us the best options possible to make a sound decision on the best loan to meet our needs. I tell people the thing I Love about Jose is his honesty, he doesn't try and sell you the farm and give you numbers that are not realistic. Jose also does a phenomenal job of explaining process to make his clients feel secure about the loan they are taking on. Simply put, Jose Luis Rasilla is the Best I have EVER worked with and will continue to recommend him and the RAzone Group to all my friends.

5 years ago
Henry T.

Jose Luis is AWESOME! He helped us buy our first home. He kept us up to date everytime he got a update regarding our home, whether it was a phone, call, email, or text. It was really great to contact him after business hours and on weekend when i had question, he always answered the phone. Jose Luis is someone I would definitely recommended. The closing process was smooth and easy, I still cant believe we own our home! We didn't close on time but we DID closer sooner than expected, so happy I didnt have to be anxious for another 2 weeks! Thank You Jose Luis! :)

4 years ago
Teresa V

My buying a house was kind of a spur of the moment thing. I hadn't thought about a loan and really knew nothing about the process. But Greg let me know what I needed, when I needed it, and where to get it. He also made sure I did it. He answered every question and was always available within minutes. He helped me get from making an offer to owning a house in about two weeks. I can't think of anything that could have gone better.

4 years ago
John G.

Jose Luis and team went above and beyond to make our home buying experience smooth and non stressful. We were very pleased and impressed with José Luis who would answer all of our questions, explain things step by step and very patient with us. We can't thank Jose Luis and RAzone team enough and are pleased to say we are enjoying our new home!

4 years ago
Melinda L.

My wife and I were blessed to embark on an eventful adventure that brought us to our charming and amazing house. Along the way, it was important to partner with an experienced lender that was honest, insightful, informative, and would make the loan process smooth, stress-free , and ultimately satisfy our mortgage needs. RAzone Mortgage Group is your golden ticket if you're seeking a great rate, no nonsense service, caring professionals who are readily available to answer all your questions and guide you to the finish line. Our loan officer, Jose Luis, is the quintessential gentleman of his profession. After our initial conversations, it was clear to see that he was excited to be part of our journey, and was going to be there every step of the way. The preliminary process was easy going, and from that point on when our loan was a go, Jose Luis and his team provided impeccable service and communication to alleviate any headaches or worries. It was a total team effort to ensure our loan funded. The escrow process and lending process go hand in hand and can be quite tedious, but then again, Jose Luis does a stellar job of coordinating with all parties in order to seal the deal . It is a pleasure to know Jose Luis and glad we worked with him during the loan process. Thanks so much for your expertise and support Jose Luis! So if you're looking into a mortgage and a fantastic experience, I'll save you the trouble and highly recommend you reach out to Jose Luis and RAzone Mortgage.

4 years ago
Anthony D.

Great rate and incredibly easy to work with. Greg Falzone is the ultimate professional. He puts integrity first and can be trusted to be honest and on top of things. In an industry with many questionable lenders Greg is a refreshing standout. Loan app to loan funding in 16 days! If you do your part of getting the required info, Greg will definitely do his. I feel 100% comfortable referring RAzone for refi or purchases and I can't say that about any other mortgage company that I have used in the past 30 years.

4 years ago
Chris V.

We worked with Jose Luis Rasilla from start to finish and I'm absolutely amazed on how he made the very emotionally taxing process of getting results from a lender seamless! What normally would take 30-35 days to get through the VA loan process has only taken 21 days. I'm so happy that we were made aware of his company from one of the best realestate agent Natasha Novakowski from Keller Williams. If you want your loan process to go through without a hitch you need to reach out to Jose Luis and let him go to work on your loan. You won't be disappointed!

4 years ago
Stephen D.

Greg & his team were absolutely amazing and so fast in getting my family into our new home! Originally we were in the process of getting the loan through Chase bank and after weeks of giving us the run around I did my research and found RAzone. We are so grateful to Greg & Micheline for being so honest and communicating with us every step of the way! They managed to get us in our new home within 3 weeks of the initial meet (plus it was during Christmas & New Years). Thank you guys so much for making it happen!

3 years ago
Melissa H.

Jose and team went BEYOND the call of duty for our latest home purchase. To say our particular transaction was complicated doesn't even scratch the surface. COVID-19 going on, me being furloughed from work, challenging conditions from the seller, etc. Still, despite its complexities, Jose was able to work his magic, jumped through an unbelievable amount of hoops, wouldn't take no for an answer, and wouldn't give up until he saw us through to the finish line. Plus, he didn't just get us past the finish line, he got us there with an INCREDIBLE interest rate as well! I would recommend Jose and RAzone Mortgage in a heartbeat. We were very pleased. Thanks guys!

3 years ago
Brandon A.

Jose Luis Rasilla and Greg Falzone have been helping me with my refinancing since 2016. They have the best customer service I have ever experienced. They are prompt and keep me informed step by step. Jose and Greg are continuously looking out for my best interest and not just in it for a quick buck. I would highly recommend Razone Mortage Group for any of your refinancing needs. Truly someone you can trust and rely on.

3 years ago
Carla M.

Greg Falzone handled my house refinance that closed on 10/06/20. Greg and his team was professional, knowledgeable, organized, and kept me informed every step of the way! I would strongly recommend Greg to anyone seriously wanting to purchase or refinance a house. The entire process was a real pleasure! Thanks Greg!

3 years ago
Bill A.

What can I say, but a big THANK YOU to Greg and his team!!!! They were so fast at getting us our new home. Greg walked me through all of the loan process took my calls and emails and explained everything so well. No question was a dumb questions when asked. He was very true to his word and worked to get us the best possible rate. We put in our offer on 11/17 and we closed on 12/8/2020. Our family is truly grateful for the quick work Greg and his team have done. We will be able to start off the new year in our new home. If you are looking to buy a house or refinance Razone Mortgage Group is the place to go. I know in the future when the time comes to refinance we will reach out to Greg again.

2 years ago
Nelly M.

I would like to let everyone know that the people at RAzone Mortgage Group are some of the best Mortgage lenders I have had the opportunity to work with. In the past 2 years I have been through 3 or 4 other lenders until I was introduced to Greg at RAzone. The people at RAzone are extremely knowledgeable and they get things done. I had problems with other lenders with being able to understand how my school district works in providing how much money I made and Greg was able to take the information they gave him and make sense of it without me having to go over it with him 20 times. This was unbelievably helpful. I loved their service so much I recommended them to my brother-in-law and my father. They are so honest and helpful that they told my brother-in-law that it was actually not in his best interest to refinance, they could have sold him the loan and collected their fee, but they didn't. This shows a lot to me about the character of the people at RAzone, which I feel is impeccable. If you are looking for a honest and extremely hardworking group to handle your mortgage or refinance, you will not find anyone better then the RAzone Mortgage Group.

2 years ago
Eric S.

Greg Falzone and his amazing team helped us get into our very first home and the process could not have gone better. Not only did we close well under 30 days, we locked in an amazing interest rate. Greg is very knowledgeable and recommended we put slightly more down and substantially reduced the monthly mortgage insurance. Expert advice and constant communication made me feel like we made the right choice with RAzone Mortgage group. I can highly recommend Greg and his team. Thank you Greg!

2 years ago
Andrew D.

Refinance went smoothly and handled professionally in record time. All my questions were answered at every step of the process, by phone, email. I didn't have to play phone tag, as Greg always called back, let me know when he was in a meeting or on another call or just busy he couldn't call me that very moment. His staff was friendly and patient, helped me get through snags and over humps along the way. I highly recommend this company's services.

1 year ago
Renato R.

Me and my husband have been working with Greg for almost 2 years. He has helped us close today on our new home. He has been very helpful and we are very grateful. I could reach out to him at anytime and he answered any questions we had and gave us great advice. We highly recommend Greg

2 years ago
Monique M

José Luis is very attentive and quick to respond. Him and his team make it work and find a way to locate the best rates available! Quick to respond and have a loan solidified within 2 days! Highly recommend. Friendly and polite staff!

2 years ago
Luis L.

I highly recommend Greg Falzone at RAzone Mortgage group. Greg has helped me refi twice, and both experiences were amazing. He worked with me to get the best available rate, communicated with transparency each step of the process. Anyone looking for mortgage services should contact Greg Falzone.

2 years ago
Emile Y.

I came to Jose Luis for my home purchase as I am self employed and I was concerned that the loan would be a paperwork nightmare because of all my LLCs that Im a part of. He reviewed my income and financials and devised a plan to keep it all simple and straightforward. I got approved in 24 hours with very limited conditions. Because of this crazy real estate market, we had to waive our loan contingency so it was extremely important that I not only get my loan approved but that we closed on time as well. We closed escrow a week early. Great Job!!

2 years ago
Steve M.

This is our second time using this great team. Always wearing a mask for our safety. In a few words what describes our experience with the Razone team are Reliable Honest Professional Commitment to helping us. Care about you! We were taken care of to our best interest and did not feel pressured. Smooth process while signing documents with very polite and well knowledge notarized member. Will continue to refer the Razone team to friends. Look forward to working with them again in the future!!! Thank you Razone Team

2 years ago
Frank N.

Joseluis and his team helped us purchase our home as well as refinance a year later. Both times he has gone above and beyond to ensure we get the best terms possible. Results were better than expected thanks to him! He also makes the process very smooth and was quick to answer all my questions. I've recommended him to other family members and they have all had great results as well. I highly recommend him and his team.

2 years ago
Sharon D.

We feel very fortunate to have been given a recommendation to use RAzone Mortgage Group for our home loan. The whole process went so smoothly and Greg was in communication with us all the way so we didn't have any guess-work. The best part is that the RAzone team got us the best rate out there, saving us substantially over the long run. Their costs are the lowest we've seen and their professionalism at the highest degree. Even with an unexpected issue that came up with the seller living out of the country, they worked it out, unraveled the knot, and proceeded in a timely manner. We completely recommend the RAzone team to anyone who wants the BEST in the business.

2 years ago
Terri S.

I'm writing this from the living room of my new house, and right about now Jose Luis is my favorite person. We were preapproved through another mortgage company for our new home purchase, but our realtor mentioned that sometimes big factory like mortgage companies can drop the ball and be impersonal. He asked us to consider using someone he worked with closely whom he knew was reliable: Jose Luis. When Jose Luis told us he could match the rate we'd gotten from the other company, we figured we had nothing to lose, so we went with RAzone Mortgage instead. It was the smartest decision we could have made. We were cleared to close long before the end of escrow, and Jose Luis was in direct communication not only with us, but with the realtor of the couple we were buying from. He called them to make sure they understood that we were good for the purchase and Jose Luis would make sure everything went through okay. That extra step helped close the deal for us in a very competitive market. If we ever need mortgage services again, we know we're headed straight back to Jose Luis and RAzone Mortgage.

2 years ago
Micah P.

Jose helped us with our home loan and we couldn't be happier. The process from start to finish was so smooth and we knew he had our best interest in mind. Also I have friends buying homes and they found the home loan portion very stressful, not us. Having José take care of everything was great. We would recommend him to anyone!

1 year ago
Nina E.

I can't say enough positive things about Greg, Micheline, and the entire Razone team ! Aside from the best rate BY FAR, what really stood out was the service. The level of care, attention to detail, and professionalism demonstrated by Greg and his team far surpassed my expectations. I really appreciated Greg's honesty and transparency throughout the entire process. His team stays on top of every detail and is there for you every step of the way to answer any questions and address any concerns. I can't recommend Razone enough, 10 stars!

1 year ago
Allen C.

I was one week in escrow when I decided to switch lenders as I was not happy with my then current lender. I was recommended Jose Luis and the RAZone Mortgage Group from my agent (Fernando Capacete) and it was the best decision I made. It truly was a blessing as Jose provided me the best rate but a country mile. Our first contact through phone, he explained to me in great detail the plans he laid out, and Jose was very reassuring and the confidence that resonated in his voice, I knew I made the right decision. The seller and myself wanted to close in 21 days, and as stated we were already 1 week into escrow, Jose was behind the eight ball. But he delivered with amazing efficiency and his swift actions we not only closed in the allotted time, but we closed a few days before deadline. Just outstanding. Jose is an absolute delight to work with and this was without a shadow of a doubt the smoothest, easiest, and stress-free home buying experience I have ever had. He excels in great communication, readily available - through phone call or text, and delivers his promise. Jose is also honest and will explain everything to you with your best interests in mind. He is trustworthy and I could not ask for anyone better. Jose and the rest of the awesome RAZone Mortgage Group was able to get me into my dream home with the best rate in a fast closing escrow. I am truly grateful for what Jose was able to accomplish for me.

1 year ago
Virgil D.

Jose was very helpful and attentive throughout our loan process. He helped us get the best rate and closed our loan on time.

1 year ago
Marco M.

I just completed the home loan process, and I can't say enough good things about Greg Falzone and Micheline Hicks. They were knowledgeable, professional, very attentive and extremely patient. The care, concern and professionalism really stood out to me. They made what was previously a nightmare process for me easy and worked closely with me every step of the way to make my dream of home ownership a reality.

9 months ago
Nancy C.

My husband and I just purchased our first home and we had a great experience working with Mitchell. He provided education, transparency throughout the process, and answers to all the questions we had. Even if we didn't have time to connect via phone, due to my husband and my work schedule, Mitchell provided short videos explaining the documents he'd send our way. Thank you Mitchell and RAzone Mortgage Group for making this process seem so seamless! https://biz.yelp.com/r2r/iI01B0uzSdP3MvlAhhs7KQ

7 months ago
Anali M.

I can't say enough good things about José Luis! A true professional who goes above and beyond for his clients. My wife and I spoke to a few banks in regards to a loan, however nobody was able to provide us with the security and confidence José Luis was able to. Throughout the whole process we were informed and had constant updates. Any question we had was answered.

8 months ago
Tony M.
Corona, CA